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Live: Nneka at Gramercy Theatre

Photos by Dan Harpaz (shot March 27, 2012). by Dan Harpaz While riding the train to the Nneka show at Gramercy Theatre, I wondered if I would be able to identify any Afrobeat/reggae/soul concert-goers along the way. What would give them away? Would I find dreadlocks, or deadheads, or skinny jeans, or oversized nonprescription glasses, [...]

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Review: Rising Down by The Roots

From the archives of Smoovtunes. By Mike G The Roots are furious and they aren’t going to just sit back and take it anymore.  Okay, fine, they never have really sat back and just take anything, but, still, this fury is a force that continues to move to the forefront (the alliteration was too easy), [...]

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